About BrewVUE

BrewVUE is the only spot for craft beer's virtual user experience. We provide you a virtual experience for breweries near and far. As I'm sure you know, we are obsessed with craft beer, we geek out on a beers original gravity, ABV as well as any and all things beer! Is the beer dry hopped? Good.  Barrel aged? Even better. Does the brewery have a beer garden? That's the absolute best. However, we realize not everyone can make it to every beer garden, which is why we created BrewVUE. We are a fridge full of craft breweries for you to choose from, brewVUE gives you the chance to tour breweries across the nation without even having to put on your nice flip-flops.

We are here to show you all the amazing breweries across the nation; we want you to feel like you're at the pub drinking a cold one with friends. With brewVUE you'll always know what's on tap or what the special of the day is. We pride ourselves in keeping each brewery page up to date with relevant in depth beer knowledge. Because we know this is what you care about. What's the brew master up to? We'll tell you. Is your favorite brewery expanding? We've got you covered.  Having trouble finding your favorite beverage in stores? We'll tell you where to find it. We always want you to be in the know with any brewery and we want you to experience these places without having to get off the couch. 

We saw the need in the craft beer industry for a central location to all your favorite breweries. Before, there was no way of truly knowing about a brewery unless you were actually there. Now, we have brought you directly to the brewery via the Internet, because you know, it is the 21st century. We are here to transport you to the ultimate user experience and provide relevant knowledge about the craft beer industry. Now, grab a beer from the fridge, grab your laptop and start exploring your favorite brew house like never before.

The brewVUE team.